Mass unread flag flip

Of late, some of my feeds are seeing large resets of read to unread. Hacker News seems to be the most frequent but I think I’ve seen it with The Verge too. Maybe there was some change to the feed itself that confuses the NewsBlur backend?

Are you noticing these for stories you recently read? Do you read Oldest first or Newest first? Are any of these from marking the feed as read?

I’m not sure if the ones that come back as unread were manually read. I use a completionist method, marking my feeds read as I browse through. I sort newest first.

I’m not sure what’s happening but it’s likely that it was a one time thing during last week’s transition. If you see this happening again, let me know the feed url and your username and I’ll see if I can spot what’s happening.

I posted it because it happened again this morning. The feed is I looked at the stats for it and you can see there’s a large recent Stories/mo spike

My username is mrjcoke

I’m seeing this too. Username mdriley. It happened for most of my 50 feeds. One of the most egregious examples:

  • Old New Thing (unread had been <30, now 500)
  • (this list had more links in it but I can’t post more than one link as a new user)

I just recently upgraded to a Premium Archive account, which I guess is why the numbers can get this high…?

Anyway, this is a pretty catastrophic failure for me… I read oldest to newest and rely on NewsBlur to keep my place in these streams. Unless the read/unread boundary can be restored I have to resync my place in all these feeds.

Example of a feed that was not affected: AWS What’s New

My suggestion is to go to Manage > Preferences and switch your oldest unread date to anything and that will trigger a recount for your premium archive feeds. It will also help you read by Oldest First because you can now choose a date to have that start at.

That knocks the numbers down, sure enough, but I’m still seeing data loss – for a lot of my feeds, Newsblur has forgotten my place.

Any chance this data can be restored?

Well honestly, I don’t know what’s going on here. There’s another thread where stories don’t show up as you page through it, but this issue has me for a loop. Basically, I can tell you why a story is read (i.e. you either read it manually or you marked the feed as read) and if you share your username and the feed url, I can see what the backend sees.

The problem is also I don’t know what your number went from and went to. Did it jump a lot? When you open it up, did 1 unread turn into 50? I really do need full browser screenshots to answer a lot of questions.

I’m seeing similar mass loss of read status on at least 3 feeds over the last week. Just about every day one feed suddenly starts showing posts from June again.

It happens frequently with BoingBoing: Boing Boing
I’m not 100% positive but I think I saw it with The Old New Thing the other day: The Old New Thing
Today it is Adafruit: Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!
In every cases it is over 100 stories suddenly becoming unread again.

The bulk of my usage is via the Android app on two devices.
Both are set to only show unread stories, sorted oldest first, and mark as read on scroll.
I generally clear my Everything river of all unread stories a couple times a day, so these feeds are going from 0 unread stories to 100+ unread stories (some new but tons of old).

Username is TheQwerty (maybe you can make that my username here since the forum selected my current one and won’t let me change it?)

It’s a bit frustrating on Android since there also doesn’t appear to be an easy way to mark everything older than d days as read.

Hi there. Recently I’ve noticed something odd happening with my feeds. One example of this is the New York Times - Top Stories feed. What’ll happen is that I will mark all articles as read in a feed, and the next time it refreshes, it pulls in articles from days ago and in some cases, a week!

Is this to be expected? The NYT feed is just one example, it also happens with HackerNews as well.

Thanks for merging my topic into this one! Username for NewsBlur is the same as it is here on the forum. Someone has already posted the feed URL for HackerNews, but here’s the URL for the New York Times Top Stories: NYT > Top Stories

i’m experiencing this with saturday morning breakfast cereal today. none unread when i went to bed, and now there’s 1 legit new unread and 12 i had read dating back to 7/03. these i always actually read, not mark read, and within a few hours of their posting.

I’ve been changing a lot on the backend to support the new archive tier and just finished the last changes last night at midnight. You can see it on the graph:

Now, that’s no reason for stories to flip unread, but in this case, I have no idea what happened. It’s as if your mark read date was moved back, which should never happen. So that means it was back and you marked stories as read and the mark read date didn’t move. When a feed goes to 0 unreads, the mark read date is adjusted to that time, so was it possible you never had 0 unread stories? Were any hidden? Even so, stories now become unread if the read story list is reduced, which only happens when the story is old.

So it’s possible that filtering has gone bad, but why? @steanne, keep an eye on this and let me know if it happens again either to this feed or any other. I would love to catch it in the act, and if it does happen, I’ll get you on a different server so I can watch it and we can fix it over a week or two.

so was it possible you never had 0 unread stories? Were any hidden?

in that feed, no to both. i have zero training on it. i’m gonna mark them all read now, i’ll report further changes

@samuelclay - this just happened to me in the last 2 hours, for hackernews.

i had cleared out my feed entirely from a desktop app (Reeder, on macOS), switched to mobile a few minutes later, and I had unread articles going back to July 5.

Had it happen to me this morning as well with BoingBoing:

Four hours ago it was at 0 unread, now 271 going back to July 11 07:51.
I’m not using the filtering, training, or focus features.

Just happened to me now, within the last 5 minutes, with Gizmodo: Gizmodo. Feeds went back to July 1st!

Anything else that can be done?