Marking older stories read in all stories view changes stories in a site to unread

I’ve been having a problem for probably 6 months now that I was hoping would go away but it has not. When viewing stories in the “All Stories” view and using the “Mark older stories as read” feature, one of my sites ( will occasionally (maybe every 1 in 5-6 times) mark all available stories for that site as unread.

I will often check the feed first (making sure everything is marked read) before going to the all stories section, yet after using the “mark older as read” feature in “all stories,” the feed will show having 100+ unread items. I have tested this with multiple browsers and computers and it appears to exist across all of them. My primary browser is Chrome if that helps at all and clearing cookies/temp data does nothing to help fix the problem.

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Bump again.

There’s something wrong with the feed, no doubt. Check Site Statistics and see if the feed is ever throwing errors. They are possibly recreating all of the stories by changing the feed ids. It happens. What is the url of the feed when you open it in newsblur on the web?

Thanks for the response Samuel! As of right now there are no errors in the site statistics. The current feed ID is 87216. Since I am able to pretty easily replicate the issue normally, next time it occurs I will check the site ID and see if it is different. I will let you know.

Well I didn’t expect to be responding so soon but the issue occurred again and I have an update. The site ID is still 87216 and I am not seeing a new feed fetch. As you will see in the picture below,
the last feed fetch was at 4:11PM. The issue just occurred again for me at 4:50PM and there has been no new fetches.

Just thought I’d provide another update. Issue is still occurring multiple times a day and the feed ID is the same. There are no errors in the site statistics. Just to elaborate on my original post, I have only noticed this issue in the web version of Newblur. I haven’t used the official Newsblur mobile app for some time so I can’t comment there but I do use Reeder 3 (for iOS and OSX) and have never experienced this issue when performing the same actions.

Can you send me a screenshot of it happening? Take a screenshot before it happens and then again afterwards. I really just need to see which story titles are reverting so I can watch them. Email this to

I just sent you the email with the before and after photos.

Just figured I would update this post in case someone runs across it. Samuel pushed out an update a couple weeks ago which appears to have resolved the problem. I have not experienced it again over the past couple weeks.

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Yep, sorry, I forgot to update this thread. This has been fixed thanks to your email.

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