Mark "unfocused" as read

It would be useful (to me, at least) to have a way to make the “mark as read” function (the one in the top bar, beside the “filter options”) only mark articles that are not “focused” (ie. green) as read. That way for feeds where I like the focused articles, and sometimes read the recent unfocused articles, but want to clean up a bit (since I’m not going to read 400 unfocused articles). Ie. mark all unfocused articles as read up to N days (like now, but keeping the focused/trained ones).


I usually read all stories oldest first and have noticed that sometimes the loading takes a fair bit as it seems Newsblur first loads the hidden red stories before the unread ones I’m actually interested in. Being able to selectively mark the red stories as read would be quite helpful and has the potential to make the reading experience smoother.