Mark folder as read - not working

After reviewing stuff in a folder, when I click ‘mark folder as read’, the count goes to zero.
Then, within seconds, it goes back to whatever the count was before.

Only seeing this in the new UI.

This is a new one but that’s good to hear because we’ll get it sorted out. What’s your username and does it happen to any folder in particular or all of them?

Thanks for getting back.
It’s readerman_nb.
It happens with any folder.

Happened one or two days ago, then worked for a bit.
Now back to the same.
Don’t want to accidentally mark new stories also as read when I mark folder as read.

Seeing the same thing, random folders and in Firefox, Chrome and Brave.

Looks like it was related to new refresh servers being overloaded. I’ve added two more and these counts should be working well again.

I’ve got the same issue - after reading all news in a folder it still shows some unread number, even though no unread stories are there. When manually marked as read, nothing changes. What helps is the manual NB page refresh. It did happen in the legacy UI as well but was certainly less common.

Will observe if this has gone after your fix, that would be great!