Mark Folder as read for folders not always working

I’ve noticed recently that if I click Mark Folder as Read for a folder it doesn’t always clear all items, it will work if I have the folder itself highlighted but if one of the feeds in the folder is highlighted and I click to mark the folder as read it might clear some of the stories but not all.


For reference, it appears not to clear any stories that are <1hr old.

Well, what’s happening is that it is marking stories older than the current stories as read. New stories come in, however, either after you load the folder or after you’ve already marked as read.

I’m still occasionally seeing the behavior where if, say, i have 2 unread in the badge on the folder sidebar, and i have two bold unread stories in the article view, that if i click “mark as read” the stories will no longer be bold, the “mark as read” icon disappears – but the sidebar still says 2 unread. Then i click reload and the two stories are back in the article view. Same stories, not new.

This is different behavior from new stories coming in, where you click ‘reload’ (or click around in the sidebar) and it comes back with articles you haven’t seen at all yet.

I thought that was the problem but I’ve tested it and it appears random what stories are getting marked as read and what aren’t. I just tried it on a folder with stories that are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours old and some stories were marked as read and some weren’t, older than 2 hours seemed to get marked though there are exceptions.

I’ve seen this problem happen in pretty much all of my feeds. It’s not new stories coming in. Clicking the mark as read button will mark everything but stories from the last hour as read, and the rest will remain in the feed bolded and won’t be marked unless I open them up manually.

Just discovered something else: This appears to only happen when the feed is sorted Oldest First.

I still get this all the time. If you click on a particular feed, and then try to mark the folder that it’s in as read, a few stories stick around from several of the feeds in that folder. It always works as expected when I do the same for a folder I’m not currently reading in.