Mark as unread does not work on a particular site

I am subscribed to…
Its RSS feed is at…

I have observed that if I mark some stories as unread, then after a while NewsBlur marks all my unread stories as read and the unread marking disappears.

I tried using keyboard shortcut and the menu item to mark stories as unread but got the same result.
I tried keeping the NewsBlur tab open for long, thinking it needs time to sync data with the server. But it didn’t help either.

I tested it with my few other subscriptions and mark as unread feature works as expected. It is only with the freddiew youtube channel that mark as unread breaks down.

Will you please look into it?

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So I checked it out and it’s been working pretty well for me. But I’m now far more available for issues like this, so let me know if it’s still happening. This is a weird one that I haven’t heard of before.