Mark as Read Later

So I know this has been posted in the past: Save to Read Later - What I Do

It sounded like this feature was going to be added at some point, but it looks to have fallen off the list of features.

For what it’s worth, I do the same thing this poster from '14 was doing. I “Save” the article, remove the tags that are generated from the folders and subfolders the feed is in, then add a label as “read later”. Now, this isn’t quickly done on Mobile from what I can tell, which is where I use NewsBlur most of the time.

Having some way to complete these actions in a single click would be ideal. I don’t always have time to read stuff I see in my feed, but I regularly observe my feed as it’s usually open on one of my monitors while I work.

I didn’t want to necro a nearly 10-year-old thread, but I do want to say this idea is something I’d use all the time in our year 2023.

Thanks! :v: