Mark as Read in a search result view gives unexpected results

I was getting repeating stories about a popular topic over this week in many of my followed tech sites. I decided to do a search for a keyword to see all of the articles that I had yet to read about that topic. The search worked great. There were many that I had marked as read, but many more that I had yet to read.

Since there is no way to automatically group similar articles and there is no way to “temporarily mute” a topic with the training tool, I thought I would just mark all items in my search result as read to eliminate my having to read all of the rest of the articles on the repeating topic.

To my dismay, clicking the checkmark icon while in a search result view did NOT only mark my search results a read. It marked the whole folder as read! Now I’ve lost visibility on the unread articles in my folder that didn’t match my search. I also could not undo the click. Boo.

I suggest that clicking “Mark as read” while looking at a search result should only affect the results.

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Agreed. I’m going to hide the mark read button for now.