Mark as read doesn't work for this site

Mark as read doesn’t work correctly for this site: it’s peculiar, in that it marks them read and many (not all) immediately become unread again.

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I subscribed to it and will take a look. The feed looks fine and it shouldn’t unmarks things from read.

Sorry for subjecting you to this feed :slight_smile:

Here’s my unread marking in action:

If it makes a difference, I sort oldest first on this.

Followup: sorting oldest first definitely makes a difference on this. Mark all as read seems to work correctly if I leave the sort older new first.

Ah-ha! Those are future dated articles. So if you mark that feed as read with Oldest First then everything older than right now is marked as read. Probably could use some fixing but I’m afraid of breaking something else. Also not sure why this hasn’t come up before.