Mark As Read button not consistently working

When I first switch to a single feed, it starts to render the page with new content in bold. If I quickly hit mark-as-read (now in the upper right) it seems to update the view immediately and mark the articles as read and the mark-as-read button disappears. But a lot of the time if I do this while the article list is still rendering it seems to lose the REST call to the server and the sidebar count is never updated and a refresh brings the old articles back as unread.

One thing to fix is that the articles probably shouldn’t be marked as unread in the view and the button shouldn’t be hidden until the response comes back from the server. Then, issuing the request while its working on rendering the article list seems to cause it to get lost quite a bit…

Just replicated this with (…), and I don’t see anything useful in the javascript console…

Not a huge deal since I can probably just be a bit more patient…


Just deployed a fix for Oldest first.

this seems to be working!
thanks… the shift-A shortcut also works again.

(all of my folders are “Oldest First”)

the work around was to look at each feed in the folder individually,
and then the icon or shift-A worked as expected.
but that was a lot of changing of feeds to “Oldest First” and “Unread” :-/