Mark all site stories as read

Would be great if you could mark all the stories as “read” at once in the “All site stories” root folder.



There’s “Mark everything as read” in the menu, which does that.

@DavidSev: Can you elaborate on where this is exactly? I’m not seeing a way to mark all feeds as read with one command.


In the bottom left there’s a cog icon, click that and there’s mark all in the menu.

Also apparently shift-a does it.

@DavidSev: Ah! I will have to remember that. Thank you for the tip.

@Arthur: Were you requesting a “Mark All as Read” button be added to the top of the All Site Stories window? I would also like this feature. All the individual feeds get a MAR button at the top, but the All Site Stories view does not. I currently enjoy this button in the Android version and having one in the web version would be swell for UI consistency.


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@PK Yep! that’s exactly it, a MAR button at the top for All Site Stories view.

Although, here’s a hint to get to the same result:
1 - select view mode (ALL - NEWEST)
2 - on first article click on the small arrow next to the title and then select “MARK OLDER STORIES READ”
1 - select view mode (ALL - OLDEST)
2 - on first article click on the small arrow next to the title and then select “MARK NEWER STORIES READ”

But a simple MAR button would definitly be enjoyed :slight_smile:

Bump for Mark As Read button on the All Site Stories frame on the website.

With the new feature of moving on to the next feed/folder once you hit the Mark As Read button, I’ve found the need for a MAR button in the All Site Stories even greater than before.

Usage scenario: if you click on a feed or folder and hit MAR button, it moves to the next feed/folder automatically, which is great. If you keep clicking the button to cycle through your feeds, eventually you’ll hit the bottom of the list. If you hit MAR on the last feed/folder, it automatically goes to All Site Stories next. There is no MAR button in that view, so then you have to click on a feed/folder to get the button to appear again. Inconsistent UI performance.

Please consider adding a MAR button to the All Site Stories page. Thanks, Sam!

Ok, I’ll add it. But if it’s going to mark more than 100 stories as read, it’s going to show a confirmation dialog.

Great! I also like your idea of adding the confirmation if it’s over 100.

Done. I included the confirmation no matter the # of stories, but you can just hit enter.

Thanks, man… I really, really needed that.

Looks good! Thank you!