Mark All Read under All Site Stories?

just like on mobile devices why cant there be a button under the All Site Stories section?


Agreed. This has come up several times before, but to no avail.

So you don’t accidentally hit it and lose everything. Although on iOS there is a button it just has a confirmation. If you want to mark everything as read, use shift+a then command+enter.

can you make it like a setting that can be turn on or off?
im sure there are others who like this as an option…


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Having a “Mark All Read” button on the web interface for All Site Stories would be great, since that is the only part of the interface that lacks that option. Go to an individual site: it has a MAR button. Go to a folder of sites: it also has a MAR button. Seems odd that All Site Stories is missing this functionality. All sections on the Android app have a MAR button as well (all stories, folders, individual sites).

Consistency between sections of the interface is always a plus. Please consider adding this button, and perhaps you can put a “Are you sure you want to mark all as read?” confirmation box to ease the fears of people accidentally clicking.

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Not sure if it’s exactly the same question, but I still wish it were possible to mark All Site Stories read without also marking all _Shared Stories_ read.

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Click on the little gearbox (Manage Newsblur). Select “Mark Everything As Read” Move slide left to read “Mark Every Story As Read”. Click on green bar that then says “Mark Every Story As Read”. Done

@val_valerian: Doesn’t that also mark all shared stories as read too? We’re looking for a MAR button just for All Site Stories that is consistent with the rest of the web UI.

No, it doesn’t mark Shared Stories as read

When I do that, it marks all Shared Stories read as well.

Well the other side of that is if you shared it, then you’ve already read it, so what difference does it make? It’s permanently in the Global Shared Stories list. The personal list of shared stories is an ego-related function only and not really necessary.

It’s not our own shared stories we’re concerned with…it’s the feed of stories shared by the people we’ve chosen to follow. Yes, they’re a subset of the global shared feed, but the difference is, they’re the people whose shares I’ve decided to read. So, I might have 50 stories in “All Site Stories,” but 200 in “All Shared Stories” (not “Global Shared Stories”). “All Site Stories” has things I look at casually, but in order to mark it all read without also marking “All Shared Stories” read, I have to mark each individual folder read or go through everything in “All Site Stories” one by one.

(They’re a subset except for people with protected blurblogs…they don’t show up in the Global feed.)