Mark all read in all site list

Using the Dev site, I find that when I am looking at my unread items in the “All Site Stories” tab, there is no option to mark all items as read. If I go into individual feeds the option appears. Please add this ability in the global feed list.


The same goes for the “All shared stories” and “Global shared stories” I think.

True, something like the context menu for the icon to the left of a group name could definitely come in handy.

Go down to the gear on the lower left and it has an option titled “Mark Everything as Read”. You can choose to mark all stories older than a selected age as read including Mark every story read.

Shift+A brings up the option too. So Shift+A then Return marks All as read.

Shift+A works on a selected folder too.


It would be nice to have a mark as read button on the “All Site Stories” bar–right where it is when you’re clicked on an individual feed or a folder.

Just adding my two cents here. Shift+A functions, although it’s a two step process as you still have to press “Do It”. That, in and of itself, isn’t a big deal and I’m glad for the reminder.

It’s more of a user interface consistency to have the button available in the All Site Stories page the same way it’s available to individual feeds or categories.

Fantastic work, I’m very glad I signed on with NewsBlur.

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Totally agree. Would really like the ability to mark all site stories as read with a single button, if possible.