"Mark all as read" shortcut marks too much

If I read through all stories, and then finish with “mark all read” to clear my river out, NewsBlur marks as read any new stories that had shown up since I started reading.

The iPhone app, by contrast, asks me if I want to “mark 72 stories read” or “mark everything read” if there’s a disparity between what I’ve viewed and all-stories. This seems much better, as a compromise.

This is, partially, a “Google Reader did it this way, and I don’t want to change!” complaint.


This is an old post, but it still seems to be a problem. New stories that have come in after you refreshed the page are marked as read.

I’m thinking about easy to fix this, but instead of sending back the story id/date of the top-most story and use that as a mark read point, I’ll add a mark all previous as read. It won’t be in for a bit, but it’s a high priority and part of a wider mark as read feature I’m working on (which allows a granularity to how far back individual feeds and folders get marked as read).

I’m definitely for this one as well. I tested a while (comparing clicking Mark All Read, versus double clicking the item count) and at that time, using Mark All Read seemed to *not* mark items that had never appeared in my view (i.e. new items since viewing feed). Maybe I was just lucky with timing, as it’s definitely not the case now.

Anyway, this is a dealbreaker for me. Hoping it won’t be too long to be implemented, as my renewal when the time comes will depend on it…

Any progress on this please? I’m so used to it in the android app that i find the web site almost unusable. Marking more than a day ago read doesn’t really cut it. With the android app currently flaky, I’ve tried to use the web page instead, but it is no better. I’ve got to used to newsblur being brilliant :slight_smile: