Mark all as read in "Focus" view marks also others as read

If you switch from “Unread” to “Focus” and use “SHIFT+A”, all items are marked as read and not only the “focus” items.
Would be great if that could be changed.


Oh yes, I’ve encountered this also and it bothers me too. When I switch to Focus mode it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not interested at all on the “plain” items. It’s just that I’ll read them at a later time when I have more time.

So, it could be more useful to focus the Mark-As-Read function to affect only the current view (like it does when you select Mark-As-Read inside a folder, it only affects that specific folder).

On the other hand, it could be bad practice to have Mark- Everything -As-Read not marking everything as read.

This is a UI flaw. When in Focus view, Mark-As-Read should only work for Focused items.

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This is still an issue? Just finding this now.