Mark a Date Range as Read

I’m probably one of the few people on the planet, but I’d like to be able to mark any news article with a date as ‘read’.

For example…April 1st.

I despise the ‘news’ that comes out on that day, and I don’t find a lot of it ‘humorous’ . I know i’m in the minority, but every year I think, man it’d sure be nice if I could say ‘mark that damn day as read’ so I didn’t have to do that manually on a few hundred articles.

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You can mark older/newer stories as read by right-clicking on a story title. That should take care of about half of this issue.


Wow, I never knew about “Mark older as read”. That is fantastic, thanks!

I did not know about the right clicking and “Mark older as read” either, this does help a lot for when you don’t read a feed for a while.