Manually set a favicon


When no favicon is provided by the source feed it would be great to be able to manually set one by providing a link to the favicon.


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Interesting idea. I could support this quite easily, and I even have a place for it in the Site Settings dialog. But is this something that we want to dedicate time to? I find it’s better to email the site author and ask them to put up a favicon (something I’ve done a few times with success).

I never thought of emaling the webmaster. I’m going to try. I can even send a ready to use favicon :wink:


NewsBlur is the most proactive of all feed readers in terms of finding that favicon. It checks the original site’s link meta descriptor, and if not found, it checks /favicon.ico, which is a common place to put the favicon. Either way, NewsBlur really tries to find it, which shows because many sites from Google Reader don’t have favicons, especially any tumblrs.

I found this issue because I’d like control over the favicon too. In my case its not because of the site with the rss feed not having one, its because I’m an avid Yahoo Pipes user. Lots of my feeds therefor, get the Yahoo favicon. It would be nice to be able to set it to something else. But, that’s just cosmetic stuff. Not exactly direly important.


I’d like to revive this thread, as I’ve become increasingly annoyed in the inconsistency of favicons.
As you can see below, the youtube favicons are either nice and round, or have a square black box as the background. I’ve triede removing them and re-adding them to no effect. The two top globes in the middle column, should be the same green square with a “Y” inside it as the favicons next to them. I’ve contacted to site master, but no luck. And now Tumblr has ruined all tumblr RSS feeds with their own favicon ruining a lot of tumbr sites (Yes, even the newblur blog!). In the Right column, are the RSS feed of my class courses. My latest courses (the top ones) apparently don’t have any icons and I have no idea why.

Sam, you wrote that this would be easy to implement, so heres hoping you will add the option to set a custom favicon, that overwrites whatever icon is currently used for a specific feed. On top of this, it would actually also be quite nice to set custom folder icons. But this is not as important as icons for feeds.

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