Making "Unread" status temporarily persistent

Would it be possible to set things up so that once you you mark an item as unread it stays that way for the remainder of the current viewing session. Sometimes after going through a list of items. some of which have been marked as unread, I’ll accidentally pull the triangle back over an article and it will change the status back to read. Sometimes I need to scroll back up a list and when I do that, all the items I marked as unread change status again.


Yessssss! This kills me! I only show one story in the pane at a time, but when I N through articles in an attempt to navigate only by keyboard, there is no way out of that N[ext unread]-U[nread toggle]-N-U-N-U loop without manually clicking on the next feed.

I hear you. Ping me on this thread about a week after the redesign launch and I’ll get to it.

Any ETA on the redesign launch? :slight_smile:

Thanks Samuel and thanks for all the great work you’re doing here. Newsblur rocks. I wish Google had pulled the plug earlier.

I’m hoping next week, but I keep working on improvements that push it back. It’s now done, save for the free user queue that i have yet to implement, switching to the new read story backend (which I hope to test on dev tomorrow or Thursday), fixing autocomplete (it’s what’s causing those spikes of slowness on the graphs), writing the blog post, rewriting the tips & tutorial, and then getting press (which is lined up). The iOS app is approved and in waiting, and dev is now complete. But I need to be able to handle the extra traffic, so I’m making sure i have everything right.

I’d just like to wake this up. Persistent unread status was a feature I used a lot in Google Reader and would love to see it in Newsblur. GR worked such that any post that was manually marked as unread would remain unread forever (not just the for the session as OP requested) until you manually marked as read. This might not be the best as a default but a setting for it would be fantastic. Keep up the good work :) (sorry for dupe, wrong account before)