Make "Story Titles" auto-refresh on interval without clicking.

I often site at the “Everything” feed list, I see the counters refresh periodically, but I need to click “Everything” again in order to get the “Story Titles” pane to reload the new items.

It would be nice if that list updated periodically, either on a timer (say every 30 minutes), or even perhaps when new items are available.


I agree. This isn’t an extremely important feature to me, but it’d be nice.

I built this, and there’s still some code left over to show for it. Turns out it’s very disorienting when it happens. New stories would just show up, but you would have no context for how they got there. Not that this is hard to do, but it makes for a bad experience.

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Here’s the relevant code block (well, part of it anyhow) for those that are interested:…