Make "story content preview" configurable on a per-site basis

The new feature of showing a preview of the content is helpful, but only works for low volume feeds.

One feed that I follow gets hundreds of posts a day and I just skim them - for those the preview makes the skimming a lot harder. In addition, that particular feed always has the same content, so the title is the only useful info.

As a consequence, I have to turn the feature off globally just to compensate for this one feed.




Yeah, I’d be OK with this. I’ll add it as an option to the top filter menu, where other feed specific options go. I might not get to it immediately, since I’m working on a new font/style popover which may just get this instead. It’ll launch sometime soon.


Sorry, I changed my mind on this. I just shipped an update that removes descriptions when they are the same as the title. That should take care of the broader use case for not wanting descriptions. But I don’t think it should be individual to feeds.

what are the criteria for per-feed enablement?

This isn’t a big enough issue for me to be upset if it remains as is, but the fix you’re going with doesn’t help in my case:

I’ll just leave the feature disabled if it remains as is currently. After looking around at a few other feeds I think it might clutter the display more than it helps for me.

Yeah, I have that as well on the Hacker News feed. I just don’t think it warrants a preference. You haven’t shown the Feed view, which looks nearly identical.