Make Original Article More Prominent, Link to Source

The name of the originating site for an article should be a bit more prominent, ideally, so as not to confuse attribution. Also, the name should link to the original article rather than, confusingly, to the same Newsblur article. Thanks!


Can you show me a screenshot of exactly where you are talking about the original article link? Is this on the blurblog, the rss feed, or in NewsBlur itself?

So this area is what I’m talking about. I expected clicking on the name to take me to the original article, or the original site, or something. I also had to have that area pointed out to me - I didn’t notice it at all, and thought that NewsBlur just entirely hid the originating site.

After clicking around a bit more, I discovered that the headline is a link and that is what I was looking for, but it wasn’t clear.

I am approaching NewsBlur from the perspective of a reader - I have never tried to post using the site, I only read others’ feeds.

Sharing (twitter) should not link to the blurblog article, it should link to the original article.
What newsblur does is unfair to authors.

workaround: use twitterfeed with the blurblog rss. This way, twitter points to the original article.
But fix that, please.