Make more efficient use of verticle space

Thank you for the great improvements that you’ve been making all the way. I have some suggestions regarding improving the UI to be more efficient in terms of using limited vertical space. (I did a search but nothing similar came up. I am also not sure if I should post this here or github. Perhaps admin can post an announcement somewhere to redirect everything together.)

By no means this is a feature request. I just want to post it out and see if other people agree with me or not. I am also not a UI designer.

The web UI. I loved the idea of color themed feeds, but using one line of text just for RSS source seems to be quite wasteful. I think it could be easily integrated into the title bar. You can make the title bar color themed, or just the date/author bar color themed. The feed name can be prepended or appended to the date or author.

For example. Now:

Change to:

Excuse me for my poor graphing skills…

The Android UI:
This is a much bigger problem for me due to the size of my phone screen (Nexus 4). Even on a tablet (Nexus 7), it still feels kinda empty…

IMHO, date, author and feed source should be in single line. They are not as important when total space is so constrained. Tags could be moved to the end of an article, but that’s mostly because I don’t look at it at all. However, I’ve seem three lines of tags for some big sites. That’s almost half of my screen just for title block. I think tags should be limited to one line at most even for people that use it…

Save and share:
Google Reader’s implementation is better. I frequently use save story because not every feed can be read on the go. Some worth later readings. I believe that’s why save functionality is there. But then, it’s tedious to have to scroll to the end for an article I don’t plan to read right now, just to save it.
I don’t share a lot, but again, a small button is really enough.

Just my two cents.

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The Android redesign addresses this, but not as much as you want. I’m quite happy with how the web’s Feed view turned out, so that won’t be changing.