Make friends' shares appear as "unread" when they are

So, if a friend I am following shares a story which I had already ready at the original site – even with a comment! – the story appears under their blurblog in a “read” state – which means that if I am reading in “unread” mode (which I am), I miss their share and their comment (which is a shame, because my friends’ comments are witty and charming).

I’m guessing this is because there’s really only one story behind the scenes, and once it’s marked read, it stays that way.

It would be awesome if a story’s “read-ness” in friends’ blurblogs was independent of its “read-ness” at the original site.

It would be okay (and much better than where we are now) if an article reverted to unread status in my account (even in the original) if a friend shared it (and maybe if a friend commented on it).

Can this be done? Maybe as a preference?

Thank you (and thank you as always for a great product)!

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