Make font size setting dependent on machine/display

I love that I can have bigger size for stories and feeds but I realized that they look too big on my larger displays where I mostly use a mouse. On smaller, touchscreen devices, it does help to have the sizes bigger to make them better touch targets.

Is there a way to detect size and/or touch capability to determine font size “profile”?


I wonder if you can find a happy balance between NB’s font-settings cross-browser, then using per-device/-browser zoom/scale overrides.

(Of course, this is why font-size should be the browser’s responsibility, not the application’s … theoretically, anyways.)

I’m currently using Newsblur both on a laptop with a ridiculously small screen and on a desktop where the screen is considerably bigger, and those two screens could definitely use their own options as they’re very differently sized and with different pixel densities.