Make "All Site Stories" button touchscreen-friendly

I use Newsblur a lot from touchscreen devices. The number-one thing I want to do with Newsblur is go to the “All Site Stories” section and start reading. However, the All Site Stories bar is very slim and hard to touch with a fingertip. Can you consider increasing the height of the “Global Shared Stories” and “All Site Stories” buttons by 10-20 pixels each so that they’re more finger-friendly?


What are you using as a touchscreen?

Not sure what the OP is using but I have noticed that it is rather hard to tap on a Surface Pro. Usually end up hitting the first followed-user feed above it.

(OP here.) Surface RT primarily, but also Surface Pro and occasionally a 13" touch screen on Win8 device like a Thinkpad X1. I have the same result as Carlin - I hit the first-followed feed more often than I hit “All Site Stories”.