Main screen is white when there are no unread items

That’s a bit of a shock, also you don’t know what’s going on, especially when sidebar is hidden.

I suggest some silly, funny text, random link or something that tells the user that he’s not seeing anything because there are no unread items.

Reader, by the way, shows this text:

You have no more items.
But wait! We have recommended items waiting for you to read.
Sweet! Show me my recommendations (link)

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Check, it does exactly what you want.

Ok, not exactly, since you probably want recommendations. But it does at least display a message.

That’s odd. I’m on and this is what I’m seeing:

It might also have gone funny: pressing r didn’t fetch anything new, but refreshing the page did.

Yeah, there should be a grey bar signaling the end of the feed. Although, hiding the sidebar is an advanced shortcut that I do not fully support. I mean, it works, but I don’t check for cases like this, where both sidebar and story titles are hidden in Unread Only mode. I should add something.

I did see that grey bar, but only while scrolling down to the end. When I hit ‘r’, the page is white after trying to fetch more stories.