'm' shortcut don't work on the everything view?

Only if m on a own story-line (e.g. MacRumors) the ‘m’ shortcut works. But if I want to read all stories on the everything view the button not works! Is this correct or an error?

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The ‘m’ shortcut works for me on the Everything view. (Firefox 7 on Mac; Firefox 8 on Windows.) I do notice if there’s a lot of unread stories (hundreds) it can be a bit slow, but it does work.

Perhaps you should provide more details on your browser etc.

I have the same problem.

It’s probably the limitation of the ‘m’ key, since it’s manually loading pages until it finds the oldest story. But there is a limit of around 10 pages that can be auto-loaded before hitting an upper threshold. The true solution will take more time, and I hope to get to it at some point soon. Another workaround is to just read a folder that has fewer items so you can get to the bottom easier. I know it’s not ideal, but oldest-to-newest is not as high a priority as fixing the site settings (what I’m working on now) and Social.