Losing feeds

I’m periodically losing feeds from my account.


I’ve been removing the odd feed manually; but not these. I just added the Ars feed back. At time of writing, AirVPN feed is gone.

ETA: Sorry, AirVPN was a bad example. It was not missing.


I started noticing this problem over the weekend, and for me it was when I lost my ArsTechnica feed, also.

Something must have happened with the ArsTechnica feed; I had it and lost it as well. Feed statistics on that site show only 4 subscribers right now, and I’d have guessed it was much more popular than that (which might indicate not everybody who lost it has realized yet).

Luckily I can re-subscribe folks to auto-deleted feeds without a problem, but there still lurks a bug where a feed can somehow be de-duped, and then fail during transfer of subscriptions. I’m looking into it, but your subscriptions to Ars Technica should all be restored.

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I had ~150-200 unread articles under Ars (yes, lazy). Is it possible to restore the feed history? I’d already added the feed back manually.

I can see there are other people subscribed to the same feed. Is there a way to restore feed history—just the extant, historical posts; not the [un]read status—from that?

One thing I always wished Google Reader had was a way of sharing feed history; most sites only provide 10-30 articles in a feed at the time you retrieve and parse it. Reader was *clearly* keeping statistics on how many people were reading which feeds (and probably de-duping storage with this information), yet adding a feed other Reader users had been subscribed to for some time got you the maximum number of articles available at retrieval time. Historical data was never available.

Thanks, Sam!

It does seem like something changed on ArsTechnica’s end though. If you look at their Rss Feeds page, the “All News” option is listed as http://feeds.arstechnica.com/arstechn… ; the restored/deleted feed address is http://feeds.arstechnica.com/arstechn… – which has thrown a couple of (500) errors. Content appears to be identical, so I wonder if Ars just changed the address (though that doesn’t answer why NewsBlur would have deleted the site instead of just marking it as “misbehaving”).

Actually, feature request: local and/or remote backup. The OPML that NewsBlur exports has only very bare subscribed feeds information. There’s practically zero metadata. There’s no [un]read data; intelligence training; or whatever else. I could be missing it, but I’m also not seeing data on saved stories.


I fixed the feed address, so it shouldn’t throw any more 500s.

Thanks again!