Losing blurblogged items

Amongst my circle of friends who share items, we have noticed a surprisingly high instance of disappearing shared items. The most common way to spot this is seeing that someone commented on an item, but clicking the comment takes you to the original poster’s blurblog, which then starts scrolling down looking for an item that isn’t there. Reloading the blurblog from scratch doesn’t help, the article is simply gone.

At least one of us found that this might be happening very quickly after posting. She shared 4 articles, but when she went to her blurblog afterwards, only three of them were there. The activity of posting them still appears in her dashboard, however.


That’s bizarre and the first I’ve heard of it. What’s your username? I’ll take a look at what happened to those stories. It’s very unlikely that they were deleted, but even disappearing is a major cause for concern.

Thanks! I’m ridingsloth and I know user pyrona has had the problem. Sadly, I can’t for the life of me remember any of the specific articles that we noticed this on. I’ll update here if we see it again.

I just noticed this happening to me this morning in prod! Several of my recent shares have been disappeared.

Annnnnd, they’re back now. Baffling!

I’ve had this happen quite a lot–shared posts will disappear seemingly at random, from a couple days to a week after being shared, and today I saw someone I follow share several things on Twitter, none of which appeared under “shared stories.” (Username is glenniebun)

Shared stories are never deleted, as they are made into copies of the story so they can be archived forever. The only way they get deleted is if you delete them. It’s possible they were never shared in the first place. Can you confirm that you saw them shared? How did you know they were shared?

The stories aren’t deleted, but they’re erroneously marked as read. I’ll leave a shared story untouched to read later and then notice later that it’s been marked as read (at times I’ve gone into the show-all view and marked these as unread, only to lose them again within a few days), or see someone share a story with a link on Twitter but never see the story appear as unread in the feed for their blurblog.

I’m wondering if you’ve subscribed to those feeds, since that can mess with the read state of a shared story.

Also, I suggest posting on a different thread then, since this one is about deleted shared stories and has been addressed.