long press menu truncates menu

Device: Nexus 5X
App Version: 5.0

If you long press a story that is near the top of the feed the menu is very small (it does scroll) and in turn is not very easy to use. It looks like this may have been brought up in an earlier issue but at the time it was indicated that was a beta version/problem (https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/topics/android-long-press-menu-appears-in-wrong-spot)


Could you use the “Send app feedback” link in the main menu and paste that information here?

This is going to be a tricky one, as those menus are, unfortunately, handled entirely by the Android system and your phone’s custom theme (if any).  We’ll probably need to get our hands on your exact device.

app version: 5.0.0
android version: 7.1.1 (N4F26O)
device: LGE Nexus 5X (bullhead)
sqlite version: 3.9.2
username: dreadhead
server: default
memory: normal
speed: 293 feeds in conn:6944 read:197 parse:75 store:110
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no
thumbs: yes

Hey Daniel, do you have 7.1.1 on any devices? It seems to be the cause of a couple new issues.