Log in on site while in Story Mode not persistent

when I try to read a newspaper (on the web) the log in is not persistent.
so it goes like this. I click on the article. the post will show but just a small portion because I have to login. I log in and NB switches to text mode. I switch back. read the post. clicking on next article. it starts all over again. I’m not logged in anymore…

this is more than mildly annoying. am I doing anything wrong? please advise me

tested on safari on mac an chrome on windows

I should add the I use the story view

Unfortunately the Story mode is proxied so you can’t actually login and use it like you would a regular site. You can try turning off SSL and using the http version of NewsBlur, which will bypass the proxy.

ok- I’ll try that. thanks

If that is how it is supposed to work, something is broken.

There is a constant “IMPERFECT PROXY DUE TO HTTP OVER HTTPS” warning at the bottom. And when I inspect the page the story iframe points to a page on Newsblur, not the original site “/rss_feeds/original_story?story_hash=6225120:6301cc”

Everything is proxied and it breaks so many things…

jeep. that happens for me too

@samuelclay any news on why everything is going through the proxy even on the http version?

Maybe we could have a setting to disabled the proxy even when on https?

I would really liked to have this fixed.
To have NB filtering on the news articles is a great boon.
But the way it works now makes it too annoying