Local media outlets' RSS feeds giving Error 403

Hi Sam,

A number of Armenian news outlets’ RSS feeds [0] are giving HTTP Error 403 in Newsblur for a month now, though working fine in Feedly and Inoreader. The problem is due to security precautions taken by media in recent weeks.

I’ve counted 5 websites so far, and was able to contact one of them to whitelist Newsblur, but there might be more. Though it’s possible to contact each website separately to whitelist Newsblur, i think the issue is with Cloudflare (as only Newsblur seems to be affected. UPD. Inoreader is also affected).

As a side note: I’ve come across a related discussion on HackerNews where CTO of Cloudflare suggested contacting him to sort out the problem.

Thank you.

[0] https://hetq.am/en/rss 

Thanks! I emailed them and will update if I hear back.

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I’ve opened a topic on Cloudflare Community forum. Check it out.
Just noticed that the first two websites are working now

I also updated some user agents yesterday that were possibly being blocked.

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