Loads of underlined and strikethoughed text through many blog posts - newsblur backend, using reeder

Help!  I’m using reeder on mac, iphone and ipad to read my newsblur blogs.  Many of the blogs show text with underlines and strikethroughs, kinda like a ms word “show track changes” mode.  

Any idea how I can turn this off or fix it?  I’m stuck :slight_smile:

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You can change it in Preferences on the Web site.  (Click the gear button at the bottom left.)

Personally I find it kind of neat to see what changes authors have made, but that’s why it’s an option, I guess…

Thanks for your help Nicholas!  

I checked my preferences and I think there’s a bug.

They were already set to “Hide changes and only show the final story”, but i did a bit of tinkering with the feed shown in my screen shot and it looks like that setting works on the newsblur site, but it’s not trickling through to reeder.

Sounds like NewsBlur is pulling everything (final and changes) and just passing it straight through to Reeder (as it should). You probably need to find a similar setting in Reeder to choose to only display the final article.

Clients can use the and tags to apply styling to story content to use/hide revisions information. For example, to hide revisions and just show the most recent version with CSS:

ins {
text-decoration: none;
del {
display: none;