Loading next batch of feeds - list view

Question / problem maybe. I’m a newly-minted premium customer. I setup folders to make the grouping of sites easier and tend to scroll / read them by those folders. In some cases, I seem to have an issue in trying to load newsfeeds beyond the first batch.

As an example, I setup a folder for Gizmodo and Lifehacker’s RSS feed, called Tech-Giz. Folder says I have 173 unread news feeds. However, highlighting the folder (list view) and scrolling down only renders the first 60 newsfeeds and it just seems to halt. Sometimes I can load the next batch by selecting the last feed and hitting the space-bar or messing with the arrow keys. But it’s not consistent and I’ve yet to find a pattern. One folder works fine one day, but not the next.

Is there just a hotkey / shortcut that I’m just missing to bring up the next batch of feeds? Any help / thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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