Linode's blog gives 403 yet loads in browsers is returning a 403 in Newsblur (and when posting here – Is this hosted at Newsblur or by Discourse?), but does seem to return a 200 OK to curl, and I’m able to parse the feed myself.

I’m a Linode customer and could reach out to them directly, they’re using Cloudflare and it is quite possible that something has considered Newsblur suspicious and blocked it. It would be useful to know what IP address Newsblur uses to call out, or the Cloudflare RAY ID returned in the 403 page.

Or similarly, I have contacts at Cloudflare and could investigate to see if Newsblur is tripping their bot fight feature, or otherwise is not categorized as a good bot.

But either way, I don’t want to repeat any efforts already made, or if @samuelclay has tried before then there’s no need to repeat the effort.

Same basic issue as HuffPost site gives 403 yet loads in browsers - problem - The NewsBlur Forum reports, I believe, although HuffPost doesn’t seem to be using Cloudflare.

Thanks for the offer! I’ve been in touch with CloudFlare and just finished building what they needed in order to get NewsBlur whitelisted. Should be any day now…

Any news?

At this point my suggestion is to reach out to the contact at CloudFlare to see if this can be escalated, since they already know about my request and have promised to add NewsBlur to the allowlist.