Links to the wrong article pop up at times.

At least every other day and sometimes more than once per day the links in Newsblur pop up a different story from the site, e.g. Gizmag or ScientificAmerican. Then I found that if I click on the link for the story that erroneously popped up, quit it and click again on the link to the story I WANT to read it comes up the second time. Sounds like a Newsblur problem with linking somehow. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions coming???

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There is a bold Green band near the top of this page that “says” that “NewsBlur employees are here to help.” Where are they???

Same problem yesterday and today. “NewsBlur employees are here to help” And again I say Where are they???

Looking for alternate RSS reader as Newsblur is not working for me. I get the wrong article when I click on Newsblur links several times a day. Someone named Samuel said they were about to provide an update for the Android app “today or tomorrow”. It’s been several weeks with no fix in site.

Newsblur you need to take that green band at the top right of this page down (NewsBlur employees are here to help.) because no one seems to care!

I responded in another thread to this issue. Anyway, the Android app is being updated as we speak. It’s an enormous update and should be wrapping up within the month. It’ll contains both a rewritten backend, which solves this issue, and offline functionality akin to the iOS app.