Links have "Link:" in front of them

Something happened today and the links have a “Link:” keyword in from of them and they’re displayed with their URL not with the text between the tags. I haven’t investigated much, it just seems odd the way the links look now.

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It seems that not all links from all the feeds expose this behaviour, only some.

Here’s some:

… is it possible that these feeds are being published that way? I did change the diffing algorithm to be quite different and more aggressive in forming safe html. But it shouldn’t be changing links like this.

I went to the first site and clicking the “Show Modifications” button and saw that the Links used to be there but were removed. Have a feeling that they were inserted by an ad provider. Likely?

OK, I took a much closer look at this and figured out a way to make those Link: texts disappear. Let me know if you still notice them in new stories. They should all be gone.

Ok, thanks. Is this change retroactive? Do the stories that experienced this are corrected by this change or only those that come in the future?

Partially retroactive. Only stories that have changed will be updated. So the story needs a change in order to be corrected. Yeah, hard to fix. I can manually correct any story, but beyond that, you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled.

I committed a real fix, so I’m not just stripping out the "Link: " text, but actually changing how the changes get tokenized and then recombined.

Looks like this might still be a bit wonky. Check out this feed:… - I don’t recall seeing all that markup before today.

Whew, that one took a while. OK, so it’s fixed. It’s retroactive for the last N stories provided by the feed. So all of your feeds should start cleaning themselves up. I specifically cleaned the NPR feed you linked to. Stay vigilant on something like this! Thanks for letting me know as well.

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