Links and italics in sentences lose spaces (Android, text mode)

On Android the text markup - specifically links, italics and bold - is trimming the spaces on either side. I only notice it in the "Text mode of an article. For example, in text mode I can see “…of them just seemso specificthat it’s…” where “so specific” is italicized. And I see the same problem with many of the links.

But when I switch to Story mode it looks fine.

I’m using using Nexus 5 but also saw it on my older Android device.

By the way, it’s not really clear what is the difference between Text and Story.


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What’s the story permalink that’s being messed up in Text view?

By the way, Story view is the RSS content (called Feed view on the web). Text view is the extracted content from the original website. Useful for truncated RSS feeds.


I’ve seen the issue on a few articles. It may have something to do with the particular feed.

This is the latest one I noticed (Android, text mode):…. Didn’t notice same issue in browser (Ubuntu, Firefox).

And here is one where it looks fine on Android. (my own blog):… For my own blog I know what the HTML looks like. So I’m thinking it might have something to do with non-breaking spaces on these other feeds.

I’ve also now noticed weird breaks with some links too (Android, story mode):….

Note that I’m not entirely sure if it’s actually in story or text mode. Does the button on the bottom mean that is the current mode (if says Text then it’s in text mode) or do I tap it to change it to that mode? If the latter then switch all the modes I’ve listed above.