Linking Twitter account continuously signs me out of Newsblur

For some reason, when I link my Twitter account on Firefox, Newsblur stays signed in for about five seconds and then automatically signs me out. Doesn’t matter if I touch anything or not. I can tell I’m signed out when none of the feeds load, and when I refresh the page, it takes me to Newsblur’s front page.

It doesn’t seem to be any of the plugins misbehaving because I don’t get this problem when I try using incognito mode in Firefox. This also doesn’t seem to happen in Chrome, either. I tried deleting cookies, but nothing doing.

But over some period of time, maybe a day or two, my Twitter link breaks, and when I try to link it again, the same signing out issue starts all over again.

Ahh, I just realized why this is happening. It’s due to www and beta. If you want to fix this, go to, login there, and then twitter import should work on beta. Let me know how that works. This will go away when I can finally retire in about a week.

30 seconds in and it hasn’t kicked me out yet! I’ll let you know if it remains for the next few days.

Haven’t gotten signed out yet, but my Twitter connection timed out or got disconnected. At least it didn’t sign me out when I connected Twitter again, even in the beta version.