Link Google/Facebook/OAuth accounts for easy login.

It would be nice to have the option to “log in with…” Your Google/FB/Twitter/OpenID/etc. by linking it to our Newsblur account. There’s another thread about allowing OpenID to be used for *sign up*, but I’m just talking about linking accounts for easier *log in*, once you already have a newsblur username and password.

Getsatisfaction and Disqus have slick implementations of this idea.


For easy login, I recommend you to use a password manager, like lastpass.

From a secure standpoint, it is no good to link accounts for the only purpose of making login easier.

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but from a usability standpoint, it’s oh-so-great. I don’t have a password manager on my work computer, nor would I want all of my passwords stored there.

If security is an issue, think of it this way: you could make your Newsblur password 900 random characters, then you’d only have to worry about protecting your Google login. And Google does a great job of that already.

Sure, we considered this, but it’s a ton of work for not that much gain. For a few users who would use it, sure, but then it would also confuse users as to try to remember what service they used. StackOverflow does this to me every time and more choices are not the answer. I’m pretty happy with the login/auth system we have now. And you shouldn’t have to login all that often, so this is not a common problem.

Fair enough, I’ll just change my password to something I can remember