Legacy Browser Support

When the development site is launched. Will there be a fallback mode for legacy browsers? The company I work at is behind in IE updates. I’m able to access the dev site at home without issues.

The issues with the dev site at work is javascript objects are recognized or supported by Internet Explorer 8. Hope I will be able to continue to use newsblur once the dev site becomes production.

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Since the iOS apps, the forthcoming “new” ones, won’t work with anything other than iOS 6, having browser support for devices running iOS 5 would be nice. Right now, accessing the web version of NewsBlur crashes Safari, and the existing iOS apps work but crash fairly frequently.

Minimum requirements are iOS 6, IE9+, and latest Safari, Chrome, and FF. I don’t test in old browsers. I’m only one person and don’t have the bandwidth for that much testing. Sorry if that rules out NewsBlur as an option, but I can’t spend that much time supporting a tiny handful of users who are unable to use recent browsers.

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If it’s an easy fix, I’ll make it, but I’m not making old IE’s a priority.

Thanks for the answer. I love NewsBlur and will continue to use at Home and on Android. I understand stand it is hard to maintain an application with just one dedicated developer.



The current website www.newsblur.com support IE7+ without issue. Maybe after the site is updated to the redesign. The current UI could be moved to a legacy url? I.E. http://old.newsblur.com

Just a thought


Unfortunately not, since it’s going to break at soon as I stop committing code to it. Dev should work in IE7, since most changes are icon/color related, or they don’t hit the view layer. But there are a number of backwards-incompatible changes that would be hell to maintain.

Darn. The problem was in a javascript library. Thanks for the follow up. I’ll have to research it the next time I’m using an older browser.