Left hand tree unread counts not updating.

At least one of my feeds (Slashdot) appear to not have it’s unread counts updated. There are clearly new items in the feed itself and those new stories show up when I click the feed; however, the unread counts don’t update in the left-hand tree. Newsblur does appear to understand that there are unread items in the feed when I click the feed though.


Exact same thing happening to me for The Verge.

XKCD did this to me today as well.

This may be related to a big change I made this week that would effect those unread counts. I just pushed out the last of the change, so if it continues or worsens, let me know. Know that it may take cycle to fix, since some of your feeds may have been miscounted (only as a result of some edge case that isn’t effecting most feeds) before I finished things just a second ago.

Still seeing the issue. I have to manually click The Verge to see their stories. When I click on the folder The Verge is in, it’s as if it doesn’t exist.

Yep, it’s busted. I run with “hide feeds with no unread items.” My left nav shows NO feeds to view. When I change it to show all feeds, none of them have unread counts. When I click a feed, e.g. Drudge, there are plenty of unread items that popup in the viewing pane.

Later … Newsblur is completely DOWN as far as I am concerned. If there is some fix for this … clearing cache, for example … please tell us.

Later still … Same behavior in Chrome as well as my usual browser, Firefox. Clearing cookies and cache has no effect. Very sad.

Still no updates to my feeds, yet other readers (e.g. Digg) are showing numerous updates. When do you expect a fix?

10:10 pm CDT … It’s back! At least Instapundit is back. Thanks.