Latest Newsblur app is not working with Facebook


The latest Newsblur app is slow, buggy, and does not sync with Facebook. The app is the only reason I have a premium account. Please tell me this will be fixed soo.


I’m not sure what the issue is. I use the iOS app every day and it’s fast and never crashes. Can you post a screenshot showing what the issue looks like?

Everytime I try to post it asks for permission. Then it gives the second screen which only allows me to choose “only me,” “public,” or “friends” even though it used to let me choose from all my lists. But,even when I choose one of these three options, it doesn’t share it.

If this issue cannot be resolved, is it possible to get a refund for my premium membership which was just automatically renewed?

It’s really unfortunate that you’re using your premium membership as bait for getting a bug fixed. I’m going to offer you a refund just so that we don’t have that hanging over our heads as we work out a solution to this bug. Please email me your username:

As for the bug, I’m able to reproduce it and will try to have it fixed in the next release.

Thanks. Newsblur has worked well for me until the latest update but now it’s just not functional. I appreciate that you plan to fix the bug but I really can’t wait until the next release. I appreciate your willingness to refund my membership.