Keyboard Shortcuts!

I have two keyboard shortcut suggestions! I absolutely love your shortcuts, and I think you should make two edits:

Firstly, create “Shift-N” to skip to the next site-feed with unread stories in it (that’s a pretty simple and obvious addition, I think - it’s the “Shift” equivalent of the already-existing “N” to get to the next unread story).

Secondly, (this is more complicated) when I press “Shift-E” (Open Everything), and then press “Shift-J” or “Shift-Down Arrow” to move down my feeds, I can only move through the folder titles. This is pretty useful, but I can’t then switch to moving through individual news feeds without using my mouse cursor. There needs to be a shortcut for that, but I don’t know what it would be. Any ideas?


Hmm, well you can use shift+down (or shift+j/k) to move between sites with unreads only. So going to the next unread in the next feed would be a two step combination.

As for reading by folder vs. feed, it’s set that way so you don’t bounce between the two.

I’m trying it out, and “shift-up/down/j/k” moves you between sites regardless of unread content in them. Which is good, and useful :slight_smile: That’s what the up-down/j-k keys by themselves do with stories, so it’s analogous.

There’s also the “n” key to go to the next unread story, and it’d be really handy if there was an analogous “shift-n” to go to the next site with unread stories in it.

Second part: cool, okay. That’s pretty good. What if there was, say, a toggle between folder vs. feed scroll, like “shift-l”?

I’m a heavy-duty keyboard user, so the shortcuts are really helpful to me. And NewsBlur is already really good with their shortcuts :slight_smile:

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Whoa! You’re the actual NewsBlur guy.

I feel honored.

I just want to say that I think NewsBlur is designed spectacularly. Well done. I don’t have an income, or I’d be paying for premium just as a sign of my appreciation.

Also, your dog is cute.

Ah - I stand corrected by experimentation. “N” will move you to the next unread story in another news feed if you’ve exhausted the unread stories in the current feed. That problem is solved, then.


Customizable shortcuts would be nice… I’d just like to turn off up/down handling so it goes back to a couple-line scroll.

Is there a way to share to Instapaper or Pocket etc via shortcuts?

I too would like to use Shift-N and Shift-P to move between sites, I suppose in addition to the current Shitft-J and Shift-K bindings, to better emulate what Google Reader did and what my muscle memory has now known for many years.

At present it doesn’t appear as though Shift-N and Shift-P are bound. If you feel that this would be too many bindings for the same underlying commands, consider adding an “Emulate Google Reader bindings” option that would swap the Shift-J and Shift-J bindings for Shift-N and Shift-P, respectively.

Thank you for considering this proposal.

You can use shift+up/down and shift+j/k to move between sites/folders.

Yes, I understand that those are the current shortcuts. They work as promised. I am asking if you’ll consider adding more shortcuts (Shift-N and Shift-P) to better mimic how Google Reader allows one to move between sites with the keyboard.