Keyboard shortcut for navigating to next item in River, rather than next item not displayed

As a NewsBlur user, please provide a keyboard shortcut to move the next item in the River to the top of the content area, rather than moving the next item not displayed in the content area to the top.

In other words, please provide a way to move the next item to the top of the content area without skipping any items, even if they’re already displayed in the content area.

Currently, pressing “j” will scroll the content area down past multiple items if they are short enough for most or all of the item to display and the mouse cursor is in the lower parts of the content area. This leads to unintentionally skipping or scrolling past items when using keyboard shortcuts.

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Keyboard shortcut ‘n’ does this, and it goes between sites. Hit ‘?’ to see all keyboard shortcuts.

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I think this is rolled into my confusion of the role of the mouse cursor in selecting the current item. If the mouse cursor is hovering over the next item, “n” and “j” both skip that item, even if little or none of its content is visible.

The workaround/solution is to lock the triangle near the top of the window.