Keyboard Short-cuts

Is there a comprehensive list anywhere, am looking mainly for one in particular:
When folders are collapsed and you open the first one, then select the feed, I would like when you get to the end of that folder to be able to open the next unread feed in the next folder, closing the previous folder, if that makes sense

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Try ‘?’ for the keyboard shortcut help.

Thanks, that helps, I knew they were there somewhere :slight_smile:

Could still do with a few more…being added

Like what?

By the way, use ‘n’ for your use case above. It’ll skip to the next folder.

Not if the folders are collapsed, but i have found a way round it, by opening all the folders and selecting the Unread button, I also use FeedDemon which has lots of programmable Keyboard Shortcuts.

One of my main problems is I sometime accidentally hit the down arrow button at the end of a feed and then have a problem finding the article, much easier in FeedDemon to just press the Back button

You can change what the down button does in Manage > Preferences > Keyboard.