Keeping seeing old articles as new

Lately I keep seeing the same old articles in my new items feed. This has been happening for over a week. Look at this screenshot:

You’ll notice it says for the date: “Today December 12, 2011”, but today is December 14th. I’ve noticed this with all of these old articles, one says “Today December 7th, 2011”.

No matter how many times I mark these as read, they pop back up again. Any ideas?


Woah, that’s crazy. I think the fact that it says “Today, December 7th” is a big hint. What’s your username? I’ll take a look later tonight.


Oh, that’s great news. Yeah, i’ve noticed that you’ve been hitting a number of articles that are previously read. (My logs show this as 5 red-backgrounded lines of debugging output, so I notice it every time it happens.)

I’ll be honest – you hit it way more than other users, but it does hit others as well. Good news is that I am beginning to see a pattern (and not just a race condition). Is there a particular feed or folder that it happens more often to? How often do you refresh Do you leave it open all day? All week?

No, it happens on multiple feeds, and there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it (as far as I can tell). I can look at the feed and they don’t appear, then an hour later I look again and they’re back again.

I usually leave Newblur open all day, and close down my browser before I leave work for home. Although I do need to restart Chrome often through the day; which brings me to another point (possibly related?).

Every so often newsblur will cause Chrome to bring my system to it’s knees, even to the point where my mouse stops responding to movements. On occasion, Chrome will pop up the “This page isn’t responding” and list Newsblur and I can kill it. Other times I have to hard reset the system (hold the power for 6 seconds). I’m not sure if the two are related, or if it’s a Chrome bug or what.

Well, the issue with the hunger of NewsBlur is related to the fact that there are tons of Flash movies being loaded in the Feed view, as well as in the Original view. I cleanup when you switch feeds, but it’s not all rosy, since Flash is responsible for a ton of headaches.

I’ll have to audit the memory footprint of the code again, but who knows when I’ll have time. Refreshing the page periodically will undoubtedly help.

I suspected it had something to do with flash. I’ve had plenty of problems with tabs crashing (ie. Chrome claims they are unresponsive) because of flash.

I get this pretty much every day with multiple items repeating. I’ve just gotten kind of used to it but would be very happy if it went away.

I get it happening on multiple feeds as well. My username is Borfie