Just paid twice for a paid account; site still says I have a free account

Hi there!

This is probably just a bug caused by everything being a Bit Much in the wake of Google Reader ending. But I thought I should flag it anyway, especially in case anyone’s having the same problem.

I’m a long-standing free subscriber to Newsblur, came online today to find that I can no longer access most of my feeds without paying. Fair enough - you’re overloaded, it’s understandable. I’m not earning at the moment, but I can still afford $1 a month, so attempted to pay for the 1-burger option using Paypal.

Paypal said it went through, but then it took me straight back to Newsblur, with me showing as a free subscriber. Tried again - so I’m now down for paying $2 a month. This time there was a “Thank you!” screen, before Newsblur again loaded with me as a free subscriber, so still only the 12 accounts showing.

If this is just a hiccup caused by the influx of new people and will be sorted out in the next couple of days, no problem! (Although if anyone can point the way to my cancelling half of my double-subscription, I’d be grateful… it’s messy, and while I’d have willingly gone for the 2-burger option if I could afford it, at present I can’t.)

But an idea as to how long I’ll be stuck using the free version when I’ve paid for the subscribed version would be very, very pleasing. I really don’t want to have to pay a third time…

Thank you!


This is definitely a hiccup probably caused by the load. Lots of other reports of premium upgrades not being reflected in the interface. If you provide your username Samuel should be able to check out your situation.

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Thanks! My username is kindjourneys. :slight_smile:

I did this same thing. I bought the $36 subscription via Paypal and when the upgrade didn’t appear to work I did it again. I ended up canceling one of the subscriptions in Paypal so hopefully I won’t be charged twice.

My username is mhogue.

Oh, that’s clever! I’ve just cancelled one of mine too. :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. Paid for premium and sill says free account. Account name is jdover

I’ve got the same problem. Paid for an account, still shows up as free. Username is mark12700

Yeah, this thing isn’t fixed. I upgraded this morning. As of right now, I enjoy the service enough be patient. However, the clock is ticking.

I manually scrubbed all accounts today and fixed this bug. If you paid and aren’t seeing the payment, it’s possible you are using Paypal and have changed usernames/emails. What’s your username?

Yeah, mtowns@********.edu is the paypal address. My account address is townsnation.

I hope that helps.


Ah-ha, my sweep didn’t catch you because you had no registered payments from before. You should now be all set.