Jump to next unread feed when clicking "mark all as read" button (option)

I would like to suggest that there be an option in Preferences which allows me to jump to the next unread feed when clicking the “mark all as read” button. It would make reading my feeds more efficient, both on the web and mobile. I like how on the mobile app it jumps back to the feed list - this would just be one small step beyond that. On the web it stays on that feed, so I end up clicking the button, going left to the feed list to click on the next feed, going back to the right to click on the button, etc.

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Let this be an option, though - this is exactly what I found most annoying about Feedly and what I love about Newsblur’s web interface.


I am curious, though - what is it that you like about the way it works now? I was trying to think of why I would want to stay on a feed after I have marked them all as read, but I couldn’t think of anything. No offense intended though! We all have different ways of reading feeds - I am just curious about how I do things versus others…

No offense taken, it speaks for you that you don’t have the quirks I have: I tend to hit the shortcut for “mark all as read” hastily, even before I double-checked whether I’ve opened all the interesting items in new tabs.

I think this idea is great, but it needs more votes and comments. Anybody else want this option?

Absolutely yes please.i was about to post when I found this. I don’t like the web feeds at all so do all my reading on Android, then save a story if it is one that relates to my pc.

I get so frustrated when marking all older stories as read that i then have to scroll the page to get back to the first unread. It is just so counter intuitive, and this sort of simple repetitive action is what computers are there to do for us so we can get on with the fun of reading the stories.
PS: I didn’t find the heading to be exactly what i meant so perhaps that is why this hasn’t had the attention it deserves.
For me it should be
When I mark older as read, please jump the list to the earliest unread story

That’s a rather specific request I haven’t heard before. This feature actually launched on the web about a month ago. I’ve considered adding it to mobile.

I support this request on web. Right now it just goes to next folder, which is usualy empty. Can it just jump to next UNREAD folder?

It isn’t folders I was referring to but the whole list of “All stories.”

I’m amazed no one has commented before.  Probably along the lines of first seeing and thinking that’s wrong. Second time, that’s happened before. Third time, oh yes that’s how it works.

3 images:

  1. Stories before marking. The next unread story will be the one starting “Could Google Auto”
  2. Stories after marking - there are clearly ones above, and I cannot see the Google Auto one. Remix is at the top
  3. Scrolled back up - the Google Auto story is now (almost) at the top and the Remix story is actually 8th on the list.

I hope you can imagine how much you’d help by adding it to Android.  On my tablet I can get away with it because I try not to scroll down while reading headlines, merely marking a screen at a time.  However, on my phone I can only see typically 4 stories at a time, and if I have actually read 4 stories, the top of the list is full so I actually find myself scrolling fully up then down to the first unread.

It is odd (to me) how actually read stories stay on screen, yet marked as read ones disappear.  Before the last update, they all stayed on and the screen never moved so I always had the next unread story on screen.