Jump current article when selected in reading pane

I’ve noticed when clicking on an article in the reading pane (on the article content view), the article is marked as read but the cursor doesn’t jump down to that article. If I click the 3rd item and then start using keys to navigate, I’m jumped back up to the top article.

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That’s bizarre. What’s your OS/Browser? Also, what view are you on? List or Full or Split?

Windows 7, and it happens with any browser I use (Chrome, latest; Firefox, latest, IE 11).

I’m using Split view. I have the orange icon locked at the top (because I don’t want my mouse movement to mark items as read). Say three articles are visible in the far right reading pane. I click on the third and it marks it as read, but the orange icon (and thus, “current article” for keyboard navigation) stays on the first/top article.

Thanks Samuel